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With the rapid development of IT industry worldwide, the scale and complexity of IT platform has been greatly improved. But, high hardware cost、O&M cost、 long business deployment cycles and lack of a unified management infrastructure create major obstacles for enterprise IT departments. Cloud computing has largely changed the consumption and service patterns of traditional IT industry. Customers have realized that the transformation from "purchasing software and hardware products" to "purchasing IT services", and have greatly improved IT efficiency and agility through self-service access and use of services on the Internet.

H3C CAS Cloud Computing Management Platform is a customized virtualization and cloud computing management software for enterprise data centers. With the powerful R&D and product advantages of H3C as well as the spirit of “customer-centric”, H3C CAS Cloud Computing Management Platform can provide the most advanced virtualization and cloud business operation solutions for cloud computing infrastructure of enterprise data center in the industry.H3C CAS Cloud Computing Management Platform is based on the leading virtualization architecture in industry, realize the central management and control of IaaS environment in data center. It has succinct management interface for unified management of all physical and virtual resources in data center. It can not only improve the management ability of IT personnel and simplify routine work, but also reduce the complexity and management cost of IT environment.

H3C CAS Cloud Computing Management Platform is optimized by the experience of H3C in field of network security. By supporting the standard of IE802.1Qbg (EVB), it lays a solid foundation for the operation of virtual machines in a secure, visual and regulatory environment; Innovative dynamic resource scalability, high availability, dynamic resource scheduling and other functions provide a simple, easy-to-use, low-cost and high-availability management model for virtualization platform; Self-service portal provide users with secure and isolated logical resources through elastic virtual resource pool, which greatly improves the responsiveness of its business.

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