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H3C Group Privacy Statement

1. Protection of Personal Information

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H3C fully respects your privacy and will exert great effort to protect your personal information. In most cases, you can view H3C Website without providing any personal information. For special purposes, your voluntary enter of the name, gender, ID type, ID number, date of birth, country, email address, phone, contact, postal code, desired services, preferences, customer code, or other similar personal information for registration or subscription of electronic information will be considered as you have known and accepted the usage of your personal information(e.g. for receiving product manuals or other relevant product information), and allow H3C to use your personal information for said special purposes.

H3C promises that at no time and at no circumstances will your personal information be sold, and H3C only uses the information obtained by this clause within the scope specified by law. However, H3C may provide some of your personal information to government departments according to laws and requirements of such departments; or disclose some of your personal information within a limited scope as small as possible in accordance with local applicable laws under certain circumstances. For example, we reasonably believe there is a necessity to do so to protect H3C, customers, and the public. You should have been aware of and agreed with occurrence of such situation when providing your personal information.

H3C is a global enterprise to provide intensive products and services. As a global enterprise, we will share your personal information with our subsidiaries worldwide, and transfer it to the countries and regions where we have launched business activities, in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

H3C owned subsidiaries are only allowed to access basic personal information within granted permission. Under some circumstances, H3C may authorize suppliers in different countries and regions to collect, use, and analyze personal information, or process personal information in other ways, on behalf of H3C.

Where appropriate, H3C may also share your personal information with a selected partner, to help us provide products or services to you or your company, process your requests, or obtain your consent.

2. Use Cookies and Other Network Technologies

Like other websites, H3C uses automatic data collecting tools, such as cookies, embedded web links, and web beacons. These tools collect some standard information that the browser sends to our website. Examples include the browser type and URL for you to access our website.

Some browsers allow you to enable the "ban tracking" function, which will send a signal to the website that you are visiting, indicating that you do not want your online activities to be tracked. This does not mean blocking or deletion of cookies, and the browser with the "ban tracking" function enabled may still receive cookies.

3. Contact

For any doubt, please contact us.

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